February 23, 2015

Rogers Raising the Grade is an interactive after-school program that focuses on two key elements: Academic Support and Life After High School. The program enables youth to connect with mentors and tutors, receive homework support, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy, plan for postsecondary education and prepare for future work opportunities. The program also supports youth to work through life’s challenges while building community and leadership opportunities with their RRTG and BGCC peer groups.

Three members of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs tell us about their experience with Rogers Raising the Grade.

“Rogers Raising the Grade has helped me with Grade 10 Planning projects; it has helped me with confusion about everyday things as well as helped to alleviate some frustration I have with schoolwork.” –Soren

“My favourite part of the program is getting to learn about real world things, volunteering and having a good time with interesting and sometimes funny mini assignments.” –Bailey

“One of my favorite things we have done at Rogers Raising the Grade is volunteering at a local restaurant.” –Samson

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