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Join Raising the Grade, an educational program of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. In our Raising the Grade technology centres, we will help you discover your interests, shape your career goals, and plan for your future.

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Get Help.

You will be matched with a mentor or volunteer
who will help you to:

  • Discover your own interests
  • Figure out what kind of a career you might like
  • Choose the right high school courses to reach your
    chosen career
  • Study for your courses and work on your homework
  • Fill out applications to colleges and scholarships
    when you are ready
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Get Online.

The Raising the Grade website gives you access to many links and tools to help you explore your interests.

If you are a program participant, the community site will also assist you in learning about the kinds of careers that match what you already love to do or what you may discover you love to do through the program.

The Raising the Grade technology centre provides you with a designated room containing computers, high-speed Internet access, hardware and software to best support your learning and interests.

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Get Ahead.

Participating in Rogers Raising the Grade will help prepare you with skills to make the transition from high school to Post-Secondary Education. The unique experiences that you’ll get in the program will strengthen your confidence in yourself to succeed. Bring on life after high school! You’ve got this!

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December 17, 2014

Here’s a video created by the youth in the Rogers Raising the Grade program at the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara to say “thank you” to the Rogers Youth Fund for tickets to a Toronto Marlies hockey game and for ongoing support of RRTG.


September 4, 2014


The thought of going back to school after summer used to make me anxious,” Jabeen says, “but this September feels as easy as ABC.

“I was constantly surrounded by exceptionally intelligent people and I felt that raising my hand in class to ask a question only made me look stupid,” says the 17-year-old Rogers Raising the Grade participant who is looking forward to Grade 12 this year.

Raising the Grade was the game-changer for Jabeen and rain or shine, she arrived at St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club twice a week after school.

“I joined the program to try to raise my marks in Grade 10 math and it helped me discover that I could do well. I didn’t think it was possible before.”

Jabeen is one of many students doing better in school, thanks to one-on one tutoring in the Rogers Raising the Grade (RRTG) program. Currently offered by 36 Boys and Girls Clubs in 42 community locations across Canada, RRTG offers homework help, connections with mentors and tutors, and a chance for youth to explore their interests and post-secondary education options. Designed to help young people get their high school diploma, the program features tech centres offering access to computers, high-speed Internet, and a welcoming place to relax and study with peers.

RRTG students are paired with mentors and meet at the Club after school at least twice a week to establish their personal goals for high school and beyond. Many RRTG mentors are enrolled in or are recent graduates of post-secondary institutions themselves. They help youth complete their homework and improve their marks to stay on track for graduation as they plan for their future beyond Grade 12.

Students can get help with specific subjects, studying tips and time-management advice. Mentors help young people to raise their grades and gain the confidence to navigate their way through some of the educational, social and emotional challenges of adolescence.

“I used to put off doing my homework because I wasn’t sure how to do it. After getting help from my mentor, I noticed I was putting in much more effort and in my second semester, I saw my marks go up to a place that I never thought they’d be. It’s crazy,” says Jabeen.

Her older sister came across the program when she was looking online for a tutor. Her whole family has been delighted by all of the other opportunities Jabeen has been given since joining the program, like volunteering and meeting professionals from a variety of fields.

“Not only have I raised my grades,” Jabeen says, “I’ve gained self-esteem, too. Everyone I’ve met through Rogers Raising the Grade has told me that I matter. Now, I believe them.”

Rogers Raising the Grade by Numbers

  • Currently offered by 36 Clubs in 10 provinces across the country
  • Over 340 volunteer mentors
  • Over 7,200 young people  have benefitted from RRTG-related programming


June 19, 2014

This year, over 20 Rogers Raising the Grade youth graduated from high school and are getting ready for post-secondary education in the fall. Many more young people are on track to cross this threshold next year, opening the door to a new world of opportunity through education.

Rogers Raising the Grade Paves the Way For Success

It was a math test that helped 16-year-old Kheyra King realize the program was working—really working.

Kheyra has been going to the Dawson Boys and Girls Club in Montreal’s Verdun neighbourhood since she was a small child. School has been a struggle for Kheyra, despite the fact she loves to read and writing is her passion.

At the beginning of Grade 10, she joined Rogers Raising the Grade—determined to improve her grades. “In February and March I realized [my grades] were getting better with the help I was getting here, so it was pretty quick,” she remembers.

And she knew all those hours studying at the computer had paid off when she held that math test in her hands.

“I was really, really bad at math,” says Kheyra. “I got a 65 and I was so proud of my 65. It wasn’t a great grade, but for me it was! It was a good feeling.”

It was also a good feeling for Darley Polony, Kheyra’s long-time mentor and Rogers Raising the Grade coordinator.

“She came to me and said, ‘Darley, I passed math.’ And I said, ‘Really?’ It isn’t that I didn’t have faith in her, but she did have trouble with math. It’s in that moment that you realize, ‘Wow, we’re doing something!’

“The fact we’re able to offer Rogers Raising the Grade gives kids the chance to have a place where the focus can be academic,” says Darley, “but we also work at fostering physical and emotional growth. That helps academically and in the kids’ everyday lives.”

The future looks bright for Kheyra.

“I’m hoping to go to Dawson College,” she says proudly. “I have been accepted, but I have to keep my grades up until the end of June. The plan is to go to Dawson College for two years to study social science because I’m not really sure what I want to do yet.”

And the story doesn’t end with Kheyra. Her success is inspiring others at the Dawson Boys and Girls Club Community Centre.

“A few people in the Rogers Raising the Grade program came up to me and said, ‘Wow, congratulations!’ So I tell them how I did it and help them reach their own goals.”