January 27, 2015

At the Boys and Girls Club of Riverview, Rogers Raising the Grade (RRTG) found a fun and interactive way to explore concepts like conductivity, electrical circuits and input/output systems for computers. Using an invention kit called MaKey MaKey (http://makeymakey.com), members connected organic materials with computer chips to play old-school video games!

The youth combined Play-Doh, pencils, paperclips and cups of water to create a remote control. Fashioning bracelets out of aluminum foil and alligator clips allowed them to use their bodies to complete an electrical circuit. The MaKey MaKey kit is designed to make the computer think it is a keyboard, so once the circuit was formed, members programmed buttons to correspond with actions on the screen.

Before they knew it, they were playing vintage Nintendo games with their crazy creations! Way to go, Riverview!

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